Beautician, cosmetician for more than 30 years, Nathalie has always been passionate about body care and cosmetic products. Having worked in perfumery for many years, she has developed a refinement in the vast olfactory world.

Listening to people, their needs and their concerns to use more natural products, it was in 2015 that she began her research in order to gradually develop personal hygiene products.

' 'This research allowed me to make a fabulous journey and a return to my roots by working with top quality natural oils and of course to deepen my knowledge already acquired on the benefits of each ingredient used.

Avid for knowledge and having more than one profession, I obtained my DEC as a professional graphic designer in 2000. In addition to developing and making all my products, I enjoy doing the visual presentation and packaging of these last!

Opening my first shop on Etsy in 2019 was a great experience and a great springboard to make myself known with more than 3,900 sales and just over 800 5-star reviews. Which led me to move up a gear with a more personal site that will allow me more possibilities and offer you more.

Today I share with you a little of my vision, of this world where nature takes back its place and also a little of my madness.

Thank you for supporting a Quebec product made with a lot of passion.

Welcome to the world of elves!