The Grumpy Bath Bomb by Le Bain Des Elfes




The bath bombs from Le Bain Des Elfes were actually one of the best smelling ones I’ve had straight from their packaging (before even being put in the bath). They come in a wild variety, from Christmas-themed bath bombs to ice cream-themed to beyond. The smell wasn’t too strong and it was clearly just the right amount. Savonnerie Le Bain Des Elfes is a company based in Blainville, a little north of Laval, not too far away to drive from Montreal, and definitely worth the pick-up.

Her products can be found on Etsy and include other items such as candles, soaps and even perfume. 

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. I’m simply in awe at the quality of the bath bomb. Seems like my kitten had the same thought and wanted to play with the bath bomb too!


The Grinch is a green creature and an invention of Dr. Seuss in his book “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!”, written as a stance against the commercialization of Christmas.

This author wrote a multitude of other children’s books, notably The Cat In The Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and The Lorax several of which have had movie adaptations!


When I put the bath bomb into the bath, it instantly started to emit a lot of green froth. Mint green to be exact! 

This bath bomb is a sinker, but definitely one that packs a lot of punch. The colour encompassed the bath quite quickly and I enjoyed bringing the bath bomb up at several stages to watch its rapid transformation and states of “decay”. This is what I would believe would have happened to the Grinch, had he kept his grumpy disposition. 

 Near what I believed to be the end of the fizzing, the colours started the change and a surprise of purple, blue, pink and white emerged from two spots in the bath. 

Taking the bath itself was very refreshing and soothing. I enjoyed the moisturizing feel from it!


Scent: a sweet scent I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe candy-related? (The Etsy listing did specify that it was Candy Crush scented.)

Opacity: not very opaque, but possible to see the bottom of the bath; 

Final colour: a dark forest green

Verdict: I was in awe during the process of the bath bomb fizzing. Loved the scent and colours. The bath felt good. For a little less than 8$, to support a local business that makes infinitely delicious smelling bath bombs, I’d say it’s more than worth it. 100% recommend.